IT security is a part of todays IT solutions, it does not matter if you want it or not. We manage planning and building of a IT solution, as well as follow up that the solution is secure.


The web is a natural working place for us. On this platform we work and enjoy it. Sinis and our team works with planning and delivery of tailor-made web solutions, both small size and large size. We manage all requirements of todays web.


Operation of critical solutions with full security according to PCI-DSS has never been easier. SYCO is a system that provide to install and configure a complete critical PCI-DSS solution. It is not only a technical solution but also a way of working and a mentality in order to manage the environments. The fact that only senior consultants work with SYCO environments results in the best conditions for a stable and secure solutions.


People who participated in this project,

Going in the same faith that knowledge and open source should go hand in hand and flow freely without restrictions and rules.

The basic idea of ​​this site & forum is to disseminate knowledge on everything from the simplest how-to's tutorials to clean scripts / code,

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